With Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, Rock in Rio has a pop Sunday

Rock in Rio Sunday will be pop music. After a lot of saying that tells me, the main show of the night, Justin Bieber’s, is confirmed. The singer is touring the world with the “Justice World Tour”. If he follows what has been seen so far in the presentations, fans can expect many songs from the album that gives the tour its name: no less than 12, out of the 24 he has been singing.

The other half is reserved for the hits of his long career, including “Baby”, 2010, and “Sorry”, 2015. Bieber asked not to go on stage Mundo so late, so he will start the show at 23 hours.

Unlike what was seen with Iron Maiden, who made the third performance despite being the headliner, this time Bieber will be the last attraction. Demi Lovato, also a former teen star who managed to continue her career in maturity, not without her mishaps will sing before him.

The singer has already shown that she is in great shape in São Paulo, in two performances, and in Belo Horizonte, doing a rock concert accompanied by a great band made up of women, where the celebrated Nita Strauss stands out. The show starts at 8:35 pm.

With the Migos giving up playing in Brazil, IZA, who shone on the Sunset Stage in the last edition, was not only “promoted” to the World, but also won the right to play the second show of the day, even though it will happen basically in time when the program there usually starts, at 18:25.

Who came in at the last minute to close the lineup for the day, and open the Mundo Stage, were the Jota Quest miners, who are already veterans of Rock in Rio and have the recipe to raise the public: hits and more hits.

Sunset stage

Gilberto Gil
Today, in an atypical way, the Sunset Stage will have only Brazilian artists, from different origins, styles and generations. Matuê opens the day with his very popular trap with the younger audience, at 3:10 pm.

Then it’s Luísa Sonza’s turn, who has everything to follow in the footsteps of IZA and “migrate” to the world in the next edition, singing from 5:20 pm in a show that will also have the presence of another strong name of the new Brazilian pop: Marina Seine.

Luisa Sonza
The other two artists are comment-less types and have recently shone at other festivals. Emicida practically stole this year’s Lollapalooza and, now at Rock in Rio, once again, she will make the public dance and think. Does anyone have any doubts about this?

The rapper will have many special guests: Drik Barbosa, Rael, Priscilla Alcântara and Pastor Henrique Vieira. The show will start at 7:30 pm.

A great veteran of Rock in Rio, Gilberto Gil is celebrating his 80th birthday in the way he likes best: on stage and surrounded by family. His new show has already toured several countries around the world and cities in Brazil, including the MITA Festival. Needless to say, watching the great master of Brazilian and world music is always a must. Today, he will start singing at 9:55 pm.

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