'Yasuke': 'Lupin' Star Omar Sy In Talks To Star In Black Samurai Live-Action Series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Netflix is developing a live-action series of ‘Yasuke‘, which tells the story of a legendary African samurai.

Furthermore, it was said that Omar Sy (‘Lupin’) is in talks to star in the project, which is the result of a partnership with 21 laps and the Significant Productions.

For those who don’t know, the character is based on the true story of an African man taken to feudal Japan as a slave, but who ends up becoming the first samurai of non-eastern origin in the country.

The adaptation will have five episodes and will be written by the screenwriter. Nick Jones Jr., who also wrote the eponymous anime released by the platform last year.

As a basis, he will use the romance ‘Yasuke – African Samurai’, by Craig Shreve.

Enjoy watching:

“Having the chance to finally bring Yasuke’s legendary true story to life has been a dream of mine since I served in Japan as a Marine,” he said.and Jones in a statement.

While the anime will incorporate fantasy elements, the live-action series will be a dramatization of the true story, focusing on Yasuke’s friendship with samurai warrior Oda Nobunaga as he rose through the ranks.

Sy also celebrated the project, saying:

“I was inspired by Yasuke for a long time. With this superb team, we are creating a remarkable series showcasing what it meant to be an African samurai in Japanese history. The action sequences alone will be phenomenal and ingenious.”

Jones and Sy are also credited as executive producers, alongside Shawn Levy, Josh Barry, Forest Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi.

“This is the perfect project for what Forest and I were after – the blending of two cultures through great storytelling,” he said. bongiovi. “Bringing a real-life historical figure to the screen, combined with an incredible action plot and faces representing black and Asian heritage – behind and in front of the camera – amounts to a dream come true.”

There is currently no release date for the series.

Until then, check out the trailer for the animation:

The series was created by LeSean Thomaswho is also responsible for the direction.

In a war-torn feudal Japan, robots and magic coexist. The great ronin Yasuke tries to put a violent past behind him, but is forced to take up his sword again when a village becomes the scene of a bloody civil war between daimyos and he is tasked with protecting a mysterious child pursued by evil forces.

Lakeith Stanfield (‘Run!’) voices the title character.

The production will be launched on the platform in April 29th.

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