Yoshi evades the IRS in fan-created game

Originally revealed in 2019, Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud 64 is a fan-created game with a somewhat… different theme. In the fan game, which is expected to arrive later this year, Nintendo’s friendly dinosaur known as Yoshi ends committing tax evasion and needs to evade the IRS!

In this curious adventure, the character develops an addiction to Japanese animations and then loses his job, which leads him to decide stop paying taxes. Obviously this is a crime and results in the IRS triggering, which then starts chasing Mario’s little lizard friend.

Recently a new video of the game was released on YouTube, making it clear to the community that the project is alive, steady and strong in production — and that the launch is scheduled for the next day. December 31 this year. Check out the Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud 64 trailer below:

“While he encounters plenty of mischief in his escape, he may find something bigger than himself or his debts,” explains the game’s website, which describes it as a “fun-filled platform title under dubious circumstances.” Throughout the troubled plot the character will get involved in all kinds of trouble, touching terror in society and even needing escape from prison.

taking into account the Nintendo’s history of pursue and tear down projects of fans using their characters and other intellectual properties, it is to be expected that soon the little dinosaur will need to run not only from RF but also from Big N…

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