Imagem de: YouTuber monta PC gamer dentro de uma privada

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone goes there and shoves the expensive components of a gaming pc inside a private. And no, you didn’t read it wrong.

To achieve his goal, the player has divided the toilet’s water tank into two areas: one dedicated to reserving water for flushing and the other to basically do the function of a computer case. To keep the equipment at acceptable temperatures, of course, care was taken to ensure a decent flow of air — and no, was not used flush water as “water cooler”.

The “work” was created by YouTuber Basically Homeless, who recorded the feat on his channel on Google’s video platform, which has more than 1.42 million followers. You can follow the Private PC creation process soon after:

“In this video I turned my vase into a gaming PC 12700 & 3060 building a custom toilet tank”, explained the YouTuber in the video description. According to him, now it is no longer necessary to “stop playing”, as it is enough “sit there and go to the bathroom while I play“.

To make everything even more whimsical, the boy added translucent areas to the charging tank of his new private computer — with the right even to internal LEDs that gave the PC gaming final touch to the toilet.

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