'Zootopia+': Series based on the acclaimed animation debuts in NOVEMBER on Disney+

During the D23 Expoa disney confirmed when ‘Zootopia+‘, a series based on the acclaimed and award-winning animation ‘Zootopia – This City is the Beast‘ will be released.

The work will reach Disney+ in november 09 and will have six episodes.

The series will return to the mammal metropolis and delve into the lives of some of the film’s characters – such as the arctic shrew Fru Fru, the talented tiger dancers of Gazelle and the sloth Flash.

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‘Zootopia’ was released in 2016 and became one of House Mouse’s most acclaimed films, taking home an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Annie Award, and numerous other awards.

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Judy Hopps is the little rabbit on an isolated farm, the daughter of farmers who have been growing carrots for decades. But she has bigger dreams: she intends to move to the big city, Zootopia, where all species of animals coexist in harmony, with the intention of becoming the first police rabbit. Judy faces the prejudice and manipulations of other animals, but she has the unexpected help of the fox Nick Wilde, known for his malice and his infractions. The unexpected duo is dedicated to the search for a missing animal, uncovering a conspiracy that affects the entire city.

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